What is Watch?

What is Watch/Automated Watch?

Automated Watch, is the active tracking option, that will watch over you as you fly and generate an alert if there is a disconnection with the satellite network.

When using Automated Watch, the Spider will automatically turn on and start sending your position report every one to two minutes after take off. The Spider will send one initial point and then nothing further until it passes through the enable transition speed.

However, you must remember to turn the Watch feature off after landing, otherwise a false alert will be generated!

How do you turn Watch off?

For Spider X, Watch can be turned off either using the optional keypad or via the Spidertracks mobile app connected to the Spider using Bluetooth.

To turn Watch off, the user will need to press the blue Watch button on the Spider and wait until the blue LED stops flashing before powering down. By pressing the Watch button you tell the system that you have landed safely and it can stop watching over you. That's how the system knows the difference between an intentional power down and a not so intentional one!

What happens if the Spider loses power or signal?

If the Spider were to lose power for 15 minutes, the system will automatically send out the SOS messages to the selected members of your organisation.

Please also see our section Why did my Spider generate a false alert? However, if the power is turned back on within this time the Spider will start a new track and it will not send out an alert.

What if I forget to turn my Spider off?

If you forget to turn off the Spider for some reason before shut down, an SOS is likely to be generated.

We recommend the pilot is a recipient of the SOS text messages, if they receive the alert, they can reply "close" to the text and it will cancel the alert and send a message to the other recipients that the user has cancelled the alert.

We recommend that you integrate "Turn Watch Off" into your post landing standard operating procedures. 

What is the difference between Automated Watch and Watch?

Essentially they are the same function, both give the automatic alert function. Here are the main differences;

1. Automated Watch - comes on Automatically at the set speed transition

2. Watch - comes on when the blue button on the Spider is pressed, which is great for when you need that extra bit of security whilst flying, and can be switched on and off at anytime.

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Remember at the end of your flight, if you see that blue LED illuminated it means that you will need to press the blue LED to switch your Spider off, otherwise an SOS will be generated.

If you would like to enable Watch/Automated Watch, please see this article:

Setting Up Automated Watch

If you would like to discuss your options with us, please contact us at support@spidertracks.com