What are the key differences between the go.spidertracks.com and app.spidertracks.io websites?

In the new app.spidertrack.io website you still get all of the features and functionality you’re familiar with in go.spidertracks.com plus a whole lot of useful new features and improved performance summarised below.

Navigation Menu Changes

A = User Settings

  • Your user settings have moved to the top right-hand corner of the website. From here you can access Personal Settings, Support and Logout of the website

B = Organisation Settings

  • Your organisation settings have moved up in the left-hand navigation menu represented by the cog icon

Flying Page Updates

C = Track Display

You can now select from two distinct styles for displaying tracks:

  • Show last point - shows only the last reported location for each aircraft on the flying page
  • Show full track - shows the last reported location for each aircraft, as well as a red line that shows the flight path with any key events such as Watch, Mark, Speed Up, Slow Down, SOS etc along the track

Please Note: When you select an aircraft on the flying page its associated track will change colour to blue.

Aircraft List

D = Aircraft List

The aircraft list has also been simplified:

    • The aircraft list filter options are now located in a dropdown menu at the top of the aircraft list
    • You’ll no longer see the first point, last point or other events when you select an aircraft or track. These events will instead appear along the track displayed on the flying page

Point Information Panel

E = Point Information Panel 

The Point Information Panel functionality has been extended:

  • The ETA and Request Location buttons are now located here
  • We’ve also added additional track navigation controls that allow you to:
    • Jump to the first point in a track
    • Jump to the last point in a track
    • Use a slider to quickly navigate to any point in a track

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 11.56.19 AM

The map controls menu has been relocated from the top left-hand corner of the flying page to the right-hand side.

New Flying Page Features

F = Flying Page Features

For further assistance with the Flying Page, please contact Support@Spidertracks.com.