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Flights Visibility

Visibility allows Users from within your Organisation to view the tracks made by all or certain aircraft.

The Visibility feature allows you to manage a users viewing rights within the Organisation. You have the option of restricting the visibility of aircraft to specific user if you require it. If you have a common group of people you wish to be able to see all aircraft, select the All Aircraft menu option and check Can View Aircraft for the required users.

To manage the Visibility of your aircraft;

1. Select the 'Admin' cog in app.spidertracks.io 

2. Select the organisation you wish to manage visibility for. 

3. From within your organisation settings pages, click 'Visibility' on the left-hand menu.

4. Select the aircraft you wish to work with from the menu.

5. Check the 'Can View Aircraft' box to enable viewing rights for the users you require.

6. Click 'Save' for settings to take effect.

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Please Note – Giving Visibility to a user does not apply to historical tracks; new users can only view tracks created from the time of saving.

FAQ & Troubleshooting


Q. Why can't my organisation see all my flights?

A.  When an invited user signs up and has been given visibility, they will have the power to see all tracks made by your aircraft from that date onwards. Any previous tracks, (unless enabled on the Public Page), which also includes any tracks the aircraft might be making at the time will not be visible.

For Example;

Dave signs up on the 24th January, he will not see any previous tracks to this and he will not immediately see the current track if the aircraft is flying. Dave will only be able to see all new tracks made by the aircraft from the start of new tracks.


Q. What does Can View All Aircraft mean?

A. Any user that has the permission to see 'All Aircraft' will automatically be selected in the list of individual aircraft, and when you select a specific aircraft from the drop-down menu, you will notice these users are selected and cannot be deselected.

 If the user has a grey tick next to their name under an aircraft that you do not wish them to see, you will need to remove them from the list of users that can see 'All Aircraft'.


Q. I have signed up and I do not seem to be linked to any organisation and no visibility to the tracking, how come?

A. If you have not signed up using the email address you were originally invited on, you will not be automatically linked to the organisation. You can contact your administrator and request they add you to the organisation with the email you have used. Please also see Managing Users.

Please contact support@spidertracks.com if you require any further assistance.