Tracking Icons Guide

Tracking icons on the Flying page are displayed in the following ways:

Normal Tracking


A normal point will displayed as a green tear drop, the point of the icon pointing the direction the aircraft is heading. 


Automated Watch, is the active tracking option, that will watch over you as you fly and generate an alert if there is a disconnection with the satellite network.

When using Automated Watch, the Spider will automatically turn on and start sending your position report every one to two minutes after take off. The Spider will send one initial Time Tracking Point point and then nothing further until it passes through the enable transition speed.

When it passes through the enabled Speed Transition point a Watch on icon will appear on the map.

The Watch Track point is displayed in blue.

At the end of the flight, when the pilot turns the Spider off a Watch on icon will appear on the map.

SOS Alert

When an SOS is generated,  by the pilot an SOS icon will appear on the map. The track points will be displayed in red until the Spider is power cycled.

Speed Up & Slow Down

Speed up and Slow Down notifications are the settings can be used to inform your members that your aircraft has taken off or landed based on a threshold speed. 

When a Spider moves through the enabled transition, either by speeding up or slowing down a yellow icon will be displayed on flying page.

Rate of Climb (ROC) & Rate of Decent (ROD)

When the altitude events is enabled this setting will trigger a point which will be displayed on the flying page when the aircraft climbs or descends too quick based on the amount specified.      

Notifications Mark Buttons

Notifications are canned messages that can be sent from the Spider. These can be customize to how your members receive these and set up unique messages per aircraft and per event.

Tracking Icon Display

If you would like to have your icon display as either a helicopter or airplane, under Aircraft Setting  you can selecting the icon and icon colour, this will change how this is displayed on the Flying Page.

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