Subscription plan terms - Tango

The below terms apply to the Tango plan, paid annually or monthly

These terms define the level of Service and the set of services available for the defined subscription plan. For general subscriber terms of service refer to Terms & Conditions.

All prices are in US Dollars

  • Term - 12 months term from activation.
  • Activation fee - None.
  • Renewal - Annually (the plan will automatically renew for a further 12-month term unless cancelled prior).
  • Charges - Service fee plus any overages if annual pooled hours exceeded.
  • Payment  - Option to pay service fee monthly or annually. If pool quota exceeded then overages are charged monthly. 
  • Pooled hours - Each subscription contributes 600 hours shared across all aircraft that are on the same plan. The pooled hours are calculated annually with a renewal date matching the anniversary of the first subscription.  Any subscription added during the pool year will contribute a reduced number of hours for that year set pro-rata on the remaining period before the rollover (for example a subscription added six months into the annual period would contribute 300 hours when added, and then 600 hours at the renewal date).  Note that each subscription pools only with identical plans; different plans will have separate pools.
  • Hours - usage is calculated in hours based on the time the Spider is operating. There is no cost related to the number of position reports sent so the reporting rate can be set at the maximum the Spider allows, which varies by Spider model.
  • Overages - should all pooled hours be exhausted any additional hours are charged at $2.95/hour for all aircraft sharing the pool until the annual renewal date.
  • Spidertxt - Unlimited messages
  • Subscriptions - Each active aircraft (Spider) requires a separate plan subscription.
  • Termination - If a plan is terminated during the 12-month term the remaining fees to the end of the current term are due and payable.