Subscription plan terms - Sierra

The below terms apply to the Sierra plan

These terms define the level of Service and the set of services available for the defined subscription plan. For general subscriber terms of service refer to Terms & Conditions.

All prices are in US Dollars

  • Term - Renews monthly.
  • Activation fee -  $39 (Both initial activation and any reactivations)
  • Service charge - $39/month plus $2.95 per hour.
  • Annual prepayment option* - Receive a 25% discount on base monthly service charge (non refundable)
  • Hours - Usage is calculated in hours based on the time the Spider is operating. 
  • Spidertxt - Unlimited messages.
  • Subscriptions - Each active aircraft (Spider) requires a separate plan subscription.

*Annual prepayment

  • Activation fee waived.
  • Usage charges still apply and will be billed monthly.