Subscription plan terms - Essential

Additional Terms & Conditions for the essential plan

These terms define the level of Service and the set of Services available for the defined subscription plan. For general subscriber terms of service refer to: Terms & Conditions. 

  • Applicable subscriptions plans - Essential

  • Billing - Billed monthly.
  • Term - 12 months.
  • Tracking  - Fixed monthly fee of USD $29 USD plus an additional USD $2.00 per tracking hour*. 
  • Spidertxt - Optional Spidertxt add-on billed at an additional USD $0.50 USD per tracking hour*.
  • Subscriptions - Each active aircraft (Spider) requires a separate plan subscription.
  • Termination - If a plan is terminated before the end of the term it will be subject to payment of any remaining fees.
  • Insights - Access to insights feature is not included.

*A tracking hour is measured by the time the Spider device is powered-on.