Commercial Terms

Commercial Pooled Plans Terms & Conditions

  • Billing - Billed monthly.
  • Term - Plans are one year fixed term.
  • Hours - Each subscription has an annual allocation of tracking hours*.
  • Shared pool - The annual allocation is combined and shared in a pool between all commercial subscriptions on your account. This combined allocation is available to all aircraft on a first come, first served basis.
  • Subscriptions - Each active aircraft (Spider) requires a separate plan subscription and they all must be subscribed to the same commercial plan (Basic, Premium or Unlimited).
  • Adding subscriptions - If additional subscriptions are added after the term Start Date they will be pro-rated for the remaining term.
  • Rollover - Any remaining pooled allowance does not roll over at the end of the term.
  • Termination - If a plan is terminated before the end of the term it will be subject to payment of any remaining fees.
  • Additional hours - Once you’ve exceeded your annual allocation you will be charged $2/hour for additional tracking hours*.
  • Spidertxt add-on - Optional add-on for unlimited Spidertxt.
*Tracking hour is measured by the time the Spider device is powered-on.

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