Tax Rate Information

The following countries have specific requirements regarding taxation of goods and services:


Spider Tracks Limited is required to charge Australian goods and services tax ('GST') on services provided remotely to individual (non-business) Australian customers.

Spider Tracks Limited’s online pricing does not include applicable taxes, and GST at 10% will be added to our charges for taxable services.

All GST collected from Australian customers will be paid to the Australian tax authority. Spider Tracks Limited is registered for Australian GST as a non-resident taxpayer. Therefore, Spider Tracks Limited is not required to issue tax invoices.

Spider Tracks Limited is not required to charge GST on services provided to Australian business customers.

To determine if a customer is a business or individual, Spider Tracks Limited relies upon your provision of a valid Business Number if you are registered for GST.

As such, if you have a valid Business Number and are registered for GST, please visit your Billing Settings page to enter your Business Number.

Provided you have uploaded a valid Business Number, Spider Tracks Limited will not apply GST on future purchases of taxable services under the relevant account.

To enter or change your Business Number, please see this article: 

Entering An Australian Business Number

European Union

Spider Tracks Limited is required to charge VAT on hardware sold within the EU unless a valid VAT number is supplied.

New Zealand

Spider Tracks Limited operates out of Auckland, New Zealand and is registered for GST. All hardware and software supplied to customers with their billing address listed as being within New Zealand will have GST applied at 15%.

United Kingdom

Spider Tracks Limited is required to charge VAT on all hardware sold within the UK.

United States of America

Spider Tracks North America Limited is required to charge sales tax on hardware sold within States where we have Nexus.

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • California
  • Texas

Please note this list may change at any time due to sales activity performed in certain states. For questions relating to Nexus please contact