App Keypad for Spider X

This page describes how to use the keypad app with your Spider X

How to Enable the keypad for SpiderX

Download the newest version of the mobile App:


1. Open the App

2. Log in with the details that you used to sign up with in

3. Tap More 

4. Tap Settings 

5. Tap Enable Keypad

6. Tap the X to close the Settings Page

7. Tap Keypad 

The Keypads functions are as follows;

A. SOS. The Emergency Management System (SOS) is the alert system that notifies organisations users of any incidents.

B. Watch On / Watch Off. Watch, is the active tracking option, that will watch over you as you fly and generate an alert if there is a disconnection with the satellite network.

C. Mark Notification Messages are canned messages that can be sent from the Spider to the website, via SMS or by email to your members.  You can customize how your members receive these and set up unique messages per aircraft and per event.

For more information please see:

Setting Up Mark Notifications

Please Note:

If the Keypad is grayed out it will be due to one of the following reasons:

1. The SpiderX model is the only Spider that is compatible with the Keypad function

2. If the Keypad is not connected or paired to the SpiderX

The reason for the grayed out Keypad will be displayed at the top of the App.


If you are still having issues, please contact us at