Subscription plan terms - Insights Plan

These terms define the level of Service and the set of Services available for the defined subscription plan. For general Subscriber terms of service refer to: Terms & Conditions 

Applicable subscriptions plans - Insights
Billing - Billed monthly
Term - Plans are one year fixed term
Unlimited Tracking hours *
Unlimited SpiderTxt

Insights - Insights features available for subscribed aircraft

Subscriptions - Each active aircraft (Spider) requires a separate plan subscription

Downgrading - Downgrading the Insights plan could result in the loss of the Insights related features

Termination - If a plan is terminated before the end of the term it will be subject to payment of USD$100 or any remaining fees, whichever is lesser. 

* Note: This plan is only available for aviation operators certificated under Part 91, 133, 135, 137 & 141 or equivalents.

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