Spider X - Updating Firmware

Advice for Automatic and Manual Firmware Updates for the Spider X

Automatic Updates 'Over the Air'

When new firmware is available for the Spider X it will download automatically over cellular.

Once an update is downloaded, it will be applied the next time the Spider X is powered on.

To check the current firmware version, pair the Spider X to the Spidertracks mobile app, the firmware version will be displayed on the Spider page under the About section.

Notes on the latest firmware releases can be found here

Assisting with automatic updates

Typically no action is required to check for or download suitable updates.

In areas of compromised cellular coverage or performance, the following steps can be taken to assist the Spider X to update successfully:

  • Ensure the Spider is in good cellular coverage (3G or 4G) and is stationary

  • Ensure the Spider is powered on for at least 5 minutes - preferably 10

  • Remove power from the Spider X and wait for the status indicator to turn off

  • Re-apply power

If the update has been downloaded successfully, it will now be applied.

  • When an update is being written the LED status indicator will flash red/green until complete. This typically takes ~1 minute.

  • When the update is complete the Spider X will reboot automatically and resume normal operation.

If the update has not been downloaded, try repeating the above steps. If this is not successful, we recommend using the wired update utility described below.

Procedure for Manual Firmware Update

To update your Spider X firmware using the wired updater please follow the following instructions.

Please Note:

  • You will need to be connected to the internet throughout the process.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and above
  • Compatible with macOS Big Sur and Catalina


  1. If you are using a Windows computer, you need to download this driver first: Spider X - Windows Driver
  2. USB-C cable which connects your Spider X to the computer
  3. Only works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser

    To Update the Firmware:

    1. Remove the USB cap and connect the USB-C cable between the Spider and the computer.

    Do not discard the cap, this is required to keep the port clear of debris.

    2. Open the following link  sx.update.spidertracks.io and login with your Spidertracks credentials.

    3. Enter the Spider serial number and pin number which are located on the bottom of the device.

    Please Note

    - The serial number is case sensitive

    - The Pin is the 4 digit number which is after the dash. In this example 

    ABCDEFGHIJ - 1234  the pin is in bold 

    - Do not include spaces between main numbers and dash.

    4. Click Connect to Spider X

    5. Click Open Serial Port

    6. This will bring up a selection box, click Spider X

    7. Click Connect

    8. If the Spider X bootloader driver needs installing, click the Spider X bootloader driver link. This will add the drivers to your computer. Otherwise skip to step 9.

    9Select DFU in FS Mode - Paired

    10. Click Connect

    11. Click Update Spider X

    Do not disconnect or navigate to another page while the update is happening, this can potentially 'brick' the Spider.

    12. The Spider X will start to update, the progress bar will alert you to any issues.

    13. Once the Update is complete the following message will display 'Spider X updated, device can now be unplugged',  Click Done, and unplug your Spider X.

    For further help or assistance, please email us at support@spidertracks.com