Spider X - History Page and 3D Replay

The History Page is your complete flight tracking history, as well as where 3D replay can be found.


The history page has the following features that will enable customers to view their history:

1. Displays the aircraft that the Spider is registered to
Shows start time and date the flight took place
Shows the duration of the flight
Shows the total Flight Distance
SOS Status
3D Replay

Flight Filters

The following filters will allow an account owner or account administrator to narrow down there view the tracking history of aircraft in the account.

The filters allow the following;

1.  Filter selection by aircraft, click the magnifying glass to display all the aircraft in your account

2. Filter selection by date, by clicking in the date box

3. In Duration select 'Greater than 1 min' to remove all 0-minute tracks in the filter**

4. Select 'Aircraft moved' in the filter to show all flights that have made a flight

5. Filter SOS selection by Active or Closed

*Please Note: Clicking 'Reset' will remove the selection

**0 Minute flights are created when a Spider is powered up and switched off within 1 minute. 

Selecting Flights

1. To select a flight to view  on the map, click the flight in the list, this will open the map display.

2. Clicking the Download will enable you to download your tracks in either Google Earth or CSV format. 

3. The 'Flights Selected' feature will let you know how many flights have been selected as well as a total for flight time and total distance. The 'Total Flight Time' and 'Total Distance' shows the total hours and the total distance of the tracks selected.

Viewing Flights On Map

To view a flight on the map, select one from the history selection. This will open up a map that provides you with an overview of that flight's events. 

1. Event information is displayed in the Timeline, Track, and Point Info Panel on the left.

2. Point information box gives a more granulated view, displaying the latitude, longitude, time, speed, altitude and direction of the aircraft

3. Dragging the slider will enable you to move through the track 

4. Selecting either previous or next will allows you to scroll through the individual points int the track.

3D Replay

Clicking the 'Play' button in the 3D replay column will bring up the 3D track in a new pop-up window.

In the pop-up map window, you will be able to move your viewpoint as the aircraft is flying. This can be done by holding your left mouse button and dragging the mouse to your desired view.

1. Allows the viewer to play or pause the track

2. Determines the speed replay is to be displayed at

3. How long the flight duration is 

4. Displayed aircraft 

3DFR Key
- Play symbol: 3DFR is available and can be played. All data from SX has been uploaded and processed correctly.
- In Review: Data exists for 3DFR in the cloud but there are issues with the data so 3DFR is not shown
- Incomplete: Partial data from SX has been uploaded for a flight and processed. Waiting for SX to upload the remaining data so it can all be processed.
- Not available: No data has been uploaded from the SX or an older model Spider.
3D replay

Note: If the flight shows as 'Incomplete' this means that the Spider has not uploaded all flight data, in order to fix this, please power up the Spider with a clear view of the sky and within good cellphone coverage.

If you have any concerns about this, please contact us at support@spidertracks.com

*Please Note: It is only possible to select 50 tracks at a time.

If you have any further questions please contact Support@spidertracks.com

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