Why Account Sharing And Using Spidertxt Isn't Recommended

Account sharing issues with Spidertxt.

In this article we are specifically looking at why account sharing and Spidertxt is not recommended. Account sharing can cause multiple issues with Spidertxt such as:

- Delays in the Spidertxt messaging service

- Messages not being delivered

- Message notifications not activating

Spidertracks discourage account sharing, we strongly recommend that each person you would like to text does have their own account. We do not limit or charge for the amount of members you are able to have on your account.

For texting to be successful, User A (sender - individual who initiates a message) must be able to directly text User B (recipient- individual who receives the message). 

Communication is a two way process, having multiple users on one account does not allow this process to occur as no message is technically sent.  Users will see the message recorded in the account by another user. Due to this there will be no message there to reply to. 

Accounts that are being shared also run the risk of having missed notifications and failed message delivery. When you send a Spidertxt to the shared account, the member who first receives the message will receive the notification of that message, but the other members that are using the account potentially won't see anything as the message will be marked as 'delivered' so no extra notifications are sent.

A. In the image below, you can see that all messages are coming from the same user. 

Please note: The mobile app will log out every 6 months. An automatic pop up will alert users to when this will happen which will allow the user plenty of time to re log in.

If you would like assistance on adding members please see this article:

Adding Members to Your Organisation

For further assistance please contact support@spidertracks.com