Schedule User Guide

Schedule is Spidertracks fleet and personnel management tool, specifically tailored for aviation businesses to Schedule their fleet and personnel, from anywhere in the world.

1. Select the 'Admin' cog in


2. Click 'Manage' on the organisations page, selecting the organisation you wish to add the aircraft / Spider to.


3. From within your organisation settings pages, click 'Schedule' on the left-hand menu.

4. Click 'Enable'

You can deactivate Schedule by clicking the Deactivate button. Your organisation members will no longer be able to manage their flight and crew assignments through Schedule, however, the data will remain in the system. Should you reactivate Schedule in the future, previously added events will be visible.


Calendar View

The default view is the calendar with today's date selected.

Your aircraft and pilots are listed down the left in the calendar view. You can change the timetable between daily and weekly view via the buttons in the top right corner. The day shown can be changed via 'Previous' and 'Next' or via selecting a specific date.



Schedule a new flight

By clicking the 'add flight' green button on the top left corner, the 'Schedule Flight' window opens.

  • Each leg of the flight can be added with an origin, destination, and corresponding times
  • An aircraft from the aircraft list in your settings can be selected or left blank. If left blank the flight will show in the No Aircraft Assigned row
  • A pilot, selected from your members list, can be entered or left blank
  • Client information can be entered on this field.
  • A free text field can have any detail added, such as manifest information

By clicking 'Schedule' the flight is created and will appear in the calendar view for both the aircraft and pilot.


Editing / Deleting a flight

Flights can be edited by double clicking on the flight within the calendar. From here they will also be able to be deleted.

TIP: If you just need to edit the date/time of the flight, you can also drag and drop the booking created to a different day/time.


Display options

Aircraft and Pilot view: This is the default display option. This will allow you to see the Aircraft and Pilots scheduled on the same screen.

Aircraft only view: Click on the first icon so it hides the Pilot list.

Pilot only view: Click on the third icon so it hides the Aircraft list.


Schedule for different organisations

If you are a member of more than one organisation, a dropdown button will appear next to the organisation name.

From here, select which organisation you wish to Schedule flights.


Mobile App - Schedule Download

Make sure you have the latest version of the Spidertracks app for iOS through the Apple App Store.

Currently there is no version for Android.

Flight List

Click on the menu bar in the top left and go to Schedule. The default screen is a list of flights, ordered by date, for the organisation selected. If you are in multiple organisations you can change the organisation with the drop down on the top right.


Tapping a flight opens the Flight Details, listing all relevant information of the flight.

Mobile App - Schedule Notifications

Notifications from Scheduled events will be sent to the pilot or anyone who choses to receive a notification for the following cases:

  • Flight added
  • Flight detail changed. Example: Consider the case: Pilot 1 is pilot for an event. Event is edited to have Pilot 2 as the pilot. This affects notifications for both Pilot 1 and Pilot 2 - Pilot 1 should also receive notification that they have been removed as the pilot.
  • Flight cancelled

Currently all information in the iOS application is read only with no ability to edit the details.