How to Set Up A Public Page

With the Public Page you can allow people to see your Dashboard and Tracks pages without requiring them to login to the website.

A Public Page belongs to an organisation, and cannot be created for any other user type or display aircraft from other organisations.

To enable your public page please follow these instructions:

1. Select the 'Admin' cog in

2Select the Organisation you want to enable the Public Page for

3. Click 'Public Page

4. Click 'Enable Public Page'

5. Update 'Public Name' if required 

6. Click 'Save'

7. Select 'Aircraft' to appear on Public Page

Customising Your Public Page and Adding a Public ID

You can customise the public page name, which is displayed on your public page, and public ID, which is added to the end of the URL. The default for these is the organisations name.

The public ID must be lowercase, it can contain only alphanumeric characters, hyphens and has to have a minimum length of three characters. The public ID can only be used by one organisation, it must be unique within the system.

Changing the public ID will not change the publicity.

Flight Point Information

Flight position points shown for organisation flights will only show the aircraft name, location, and time. 

Showing KML Layers on your Public Page

An organisation can choose to make KML layers public, which makes them visible on the public page maps.

Public KML layers are visible by default on the public pages and can be turned off by the viewer under Map Layers.

The organisation can change the visibility of KML layers from either the public page settings or KML settings. Changing the publicity of KML layers is effective immediately. If there is a user viewing the public page and a KML is made private, the user can continue viewing the KML until the page is refreshed.

For more information on KML Map Layers, please see this article: KML Layers

Selecting Aircraft To Make Public

Once an aircraft is made public, all new tracks it produces will be publicly viewable. If a public aircraft is made private, the current track will not be made private. Only new flights started from that point forward would be private.

You can select which aircraft will be shown on the public page at any time.

Sharing your Public Page

Within Public Page settings, there is a Share section that provides links to the organisation’s Public Page, and an option to send the link via email.

Public page URLs have the format

There is a standard Public Page and a Public Page that shows the map only.

Standard - Default Public Page with ability to view Flying.

Map only - It is just the map, with the organisation public name shown in a box in the top right corner of the map. The map only Public Page is designed for embedding in other pages via an iframe. The sidebar is not available on the map only Public Page.

Q. Are my public flights organisation exclusive or can another organisation I have set up under my account view these?

a. Your public tracks are organisation exclusive and only available to those you give the link to.

Q. How can I view what others see?

a. You can click on the URL supplied after enabling your Public Page and this will show you the Public Page View.

Q. Can anyone see my Public Page or only those that I send the link to?

a. Anyone who you send the link to will be able to view your Public Page or anyone who knows the url.

Q. My map only view just shows as a link when I embed in in my webpage, why is it doing that?

a. To embed the "map only" view in your site, use the following code <iframe src="SPIDERTRACKS LINK"></iframe> around the link.

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