I Am A Pilot Using Spidertracks

The below articles are for Pilots Using Spidertracks.

Getting Started With An Account


How To Use The Website 

How Do I Create An Account Print Or Export Tracks
Flying Page Features Weather Overlays
History Page Features KML Layers
Public Page Exporting Tracks To Google Earth
Estimated Time of Arrival Exporting Tracks To CSV
Request Location Now How can I change my email address?
Favourites Password Or Login Issues
Setting & Changing Time Zones Distance Measurement Tool
How Distance is Calculated Tracking Icons Guide
How To Update My Phone Number Updates To New Flying Page 


SOS Management

How The Emergency Management Works (SOS) Emergency Management System (SOS)


Tracking Configuration Settings and Modes

How do I change my Spiders reporting rate and settings? Speed up and Slow Down
What are the different Spider reporting rates? Mark Button Notifications
Normal Tracking vs Watch Mode Setting Up Altitude Events
What is Watch? Radius And How To Set It Up
Notification Messages  


Spider Compliance & installation Information

Installing An External Antenna Power Lead - Wiring Diagram
Installation Examples Dimming Your Spider LEDs
DO-160 Compliance And Installation Information Where Is My IMEI Number?
Technical Brochures For Spiders  


Spider Manuals

Spider 1 User Manual Spider 5 User Manual
Spider 2 User Manual Spider 6 User Manual
Spider 3 User Manual Spider 7 User Manual
Spider 4 User Manual Spider 8 User Manual



Setting Up Spidertxt How To Pair A Phone With A Spider
How To Use Spidertxt Mobile Applications
Why Account Sharing Isn't Recommended  




Test Procedure For Spiders GPS Accuracy
Why Did My Spider Generate A False SOS? Heated Windscreens
GPS Fix, Is My Spider Connected to the Network? Power Issues
Warranty, Repair, Replacement, Upgrade, Return Why We Don't Recommend Batteries



I Am Not Seeing Active Aircraft (Visibility) Supported Browsers & OS
Password Or Login Issues Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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