Notification Messages

Messages can be set up under Notifications

Notifications are canned messages that can be sent from the Spider to the website, via SMS or by email to your members.

You can customize how your members receive these and set up unique messages per aircraft and per event.

How To Setup Notifications

1. Select the 'Admin' cog in 

2. Select the organisation that you would like to set up Notification Messages.

3. Click 'Notifications' on the left-hand menu.

4. Select the aircraft you would like to create the notifications for or you can use the 'Apply To All Aircraft' function, that will allow you to apply batch settings to all the aircraft in your account.

Please Note- When using 'Apply to All Aircraft', there will always be nothing checked/saved, as this is used to make changes only, which will override any existing notification of the given type of the individual aircraft.

5. Select the 'Event' notification you would like:

- Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4

- Speed Up, Slow Down

- Watch On, Watch Off

- ROD Exceeded, ROC Exceeded

6. To edit the 'Event' text for Mark 1, select the text in the box and update it to your own personal preference.

The message within the notification has a maximum length of 50 characters and can be anything you choose.

7. Next, select who the message should be sent to, and how SMS or email.

8. Click 'Save' after each update.

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Q. What is the cost for sending the messages?

A. There are no charges for notification messages.

For further help or assistance, please email us at