Normal Tracking vs Watch Mode

There are two modes of tracking that your Spider can be operated in - Normal or Watch mode.

As a user of the spidertracks system, it is important to understand the distinction between these two modes and the implications that arise from each.

Normal Tracking Mode:

When operating your Spider in Normal tracking mode, position reports are sent to the spidertracks system in accordance with the time and distance parameters that have been configured for that Spider.

If the Spider stops communicating with the spidertracks system, there will not be any type of notification generated.

Watch Mode:

Watch mode can be activated either manually, by pressing the Watch button on the Spider keypad, or autonomously by configuring the reporting type to Automatic Watch.

This can be done within the Aircraft Settings area of the website. When operating your Spider in Watch mode, by default, position reports are sent to the spidertracks system at two minute intervals.

This period can be reduced to one minute but cannot exceed two minutes.

In the absence of a Watch Off message being received (due to not pressing the Watch button at the end of the flight), if there is no communication between the Spider and the spidertracks system for a period of 15 minutes, a tier one alert will be raised.

The following diagram depicts these two tracking modes and the implications of them in a decision tree format.

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