Mark Button Notifications

Pressing the green Mark button on the Spider will send a Mark notification to the Spidertracks website, and selected members via SMS and email.

Mark notifications are set up under organisation management. This function can only be done by the account owner or one of the account administrators.

Notifications are canned messages that can be sent from the Spider to the website, via SMS or by email to your members.

These can be customize to how your members receive these and set up unique messages per aircraft and per event.

How to Use The Mark button:

The green Mark button on the Spiders keypad is how the Mark notifications are activated.  The Mark button is also available on the App Keypad for Spider X.



Pressing the Mark button once will send a Mark 1 position report

Pressing the Mark button twice will send a Mark 2 position report

Pressing the Mark button three times will send a Mark 3 position report

Pressing the Mark button once four times send a Mark 4 position report

These will appear on the website and be sent to any of the elected members.


If a notification message is set on the website, such as 'Taking Off' this message will be displayed in the track information (on the left hand side) and in the position report box.

If no custom message is set it will display as 'Mark'.

The notification will go to a member by email or SMS, as soon as the position report is received by the website.

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