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Legacy Pricing Plans Explained

The following plans mentioned in this article are discontinued and no longer available for new customers. If you are an existing customer you will still have the option to subscribe to these.  

If at any point you would like to change your plans and check that you are on the best fit for your organisation and fleet, please contact us at support@spidertracks.com.

Commercial Plan

Unlimited (Legacy)

The Unlimited plan comes with 'pooled hours', meaning that if one of the aircraft in your fleet does a greater amount of flying than another, it can borrow the hours from the less active Spider to supplement its flying. 

For example, if you have 2 Spiders on the Unlimited plan at US$149 this means that monthly you will be paying US$298, as the flight hours you can use are unlimited this means that you can fly as much as you want.

The monthly cost and annual hour for this plan is as follows: 

Plan Cost per month, per Spider Included flight hours per year
Unlimited US$149 Unlimited

Commercial Pooled Plans are billed for actual Spider usage based on the time that each spider is powered on and powered off, in each billing period. 

All our plans now include a new Usage Details section in each monthly invoice, this provides visibility over the total data consumption, as well as showing a per Spider breakdown of usage.

We can not suspend Spiders on our Commercial Plans due to the plan having pooled hours across the fleet, meaning that if you don't fly, the allocated hours can be carried over to the next month, and can be used by the other Spiders in your fleet.

Prepaid Plans

Pay-As-You-Go & Seasonal Plan (Legacy Plans)

Prepaid plans are charged on an annual basis and charged for the months flown, for example if you are not flying in January, February, and March there is nothing to pay and due to this there will be no charge for that month.

The main differences in these two annual plans is that the PAYG  has 50 flight hours incorporated in to the plan, where as the Seasonal is just charged at US$0.07 for every point sent to our website.

Plan Cost per Spider Per Year Hours Included Additional Charges
Seasonal Plan US$200 0 US$0.07 Charge Per Point
Pay As You Go (PAYG) US$249 50 US$99 for additional 25 hours tracking

*40 points = 1 tracking hour

Monthly Plans

Monthly Plan - Lite (Legacy Plan)

The Lite Plan is a monthly subscription plan, this plan has no contract, meaning that you can deactivate the Spider for free at any time without penalties.

This plan has 30 hours included in the subscription, if you go over the allotted 30 hours, you will be charges US$2 per flight hour.

Plan Cost per month, per Spider  Hours Included Additional Charges
Lite Plan US$59 30 US$2 Per Hour Overage

*40 points = 1 tracking hour

Please note, there is a 30 day notice period for deactivating this service.

Monthly Plans (Legacy)

We no longer offer the following Legacy Plans, the below plans are billed monthly. With any overage charged at the following rates:
Plan Cost per month, per Spider  Hours Included Additional Charges
Frequent Flyer US$45 24

US$2.70 Per Hour or

($0.09 per report)

The Enthusiast US$30 15

US$4.00 Per Hour or

($0.13 per report)

High Flyer US$55 30

US$2.40 Per Hour or

($0.08 per report)

Flexi-plan US$19.95 0

 + US$0.10 per position report

Ultra US$85 50

US$2.10 Per Hour or

($0.07 per report)

Commercial 1 US100 60

US$2.00 Per Hour or

($0.067 per report)

Commercial 2 US140 85

US$1.90 Per Hour or

($0.063 per report)

Commercial 3 US$180 110

US $1.80 Per Hour or

($0.06 per report)

Commercial 4 US$240 150

US$1.50 Per Hour or

($0.05 per report)

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If you are looking for information on your pricing plan and it is not mentioned in the above article, please contact us at support support@spidertracks.com