How to Enable the Spider X External Antenna

How to Enable the SpiderX External Antenna

Download the newest version of the App version: 4.3.1(3)


1. Open the App

2. Log in with the details that you used to sign up with on

3. Tap More 

4. Tap Spider Connection

5. Tap the External Antenna button only


6. Tap Confirm 

'You are about to change the antenna configuration. 'Selecting the incorrect antenna could result in a complete loss of tracking. Only change this setting if you know you're selecting the correct antenna. Are you sure you want to proceed?'

Please Note: you can change this setting at any point

7. Tap the X to return to the settings page

Please Note: A SpiderX is versatile, it can be used with or without an external antenna.

For more information on installation and the use of external antennas and installation, please see the following articles:

Installing An External Antenna

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Electrically Heated Windscreens

7. Tap the X to close the Spider page.

Please also see: Dimming your Spider LEDs

Please email us at for further help.