How to configure the Spider X - external antenna

This article explains how to enable and disable the external antenna on your Spider X.


The default antenna setting for the Spider is set to internal.

The external antenna configuration should be switched to the ON position, only if you have an external antenna installed and connected to your Spider X, otherwise, this needs to be in the off position.

To enable or check the status of the Spider X antenna configuration, you will first have to make sure that you have the latest version of the Spidertracks App.

The Spidertracks App can be downloaded from both the IOS App Store and Google Play. Search 'Spidertracks' to find the app. The current version of the App is 4.8.1(4)


1. Open the App

2. Login with the details that you used to sign up with on

3. Tap More 

4. Tap Spider Connection

5. Important: The external antenna configuration should be switched to the on position if you are using it with an external antenna, otherwise this needs to be in the off position.

Note: The Spider needs to be in close proximity to the mobile device with the Spidertracks app loaded so it can connect via Bluetooth.


6. Tap Confirm. You can change this setting at any point.

You will now receive the following message:

You are about to change the antenna configuration. 'Selecting the incorrect antenna could result in a complete loss of tracking. Only change this setting if you know you're selecting the correct antenna. Are you sure you want to proceed?'

7. Once changed, tap the X to return to the settings page.

Please Note: A SpiderX is versatile, it can be used with or without an external antenna.

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