How To Delete Tracks

To remove the tracks, click the check box next to the flight and delete by using the trash can icon at the bottom of the page.

Step by Step & FAQs

To remove tracks in your account follow the steps below:

1. Select the 'History' tab, this will display all your flights

2. Put a Tick in the box beside all the flights you would like to remove

3. Click the Trash Can icon

4. Click the Delete confirmation box


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Q. I want to delete a historic track, how do I do that?

A. You can select the aircraft and/or also select a custom date. Then follow the steps as above.

Q. Does Spidertracks keep my history or is it deleted after a period of time?

A. Spidertracks retains all history and will not delete or remove any tracks from your account. Only registered members of the account can delete tracks.

Q. How many tracks can I delete at 1 time?

A. You can only select 50 tracks at a time.

Q. Can I delete tracks in the Spidertxt app

A. Not right now, but if this is something we are always evaluating.

Q. I deleted the aircraft but the tracks are still showing

A. Deleting the aircraft will not remove the tracks, this action will need to be done separately.

Q. The tracks are marked as deleted, but still showing?

A. Deleting the aircraft does not remove the tracks, it only removes the aircraft. If an aircraft has been deleted, the corresponding tracks will show as 'Aircraft Name (DELETED)'

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