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How Do I Add Aircraft & Register My Spider?

Adding aircraft and Spiders can be completed under Aircraft Settings.

To add an Aircraft and Spider to your account, please follow the below guide:

1. Select the 'Admin' cog in app.spidertracks.io

2Select the organisation you wish to manage visibility for

3. Click 'Aircraft Settings' on the left-hand menu.

4. Fill out the fields with your aircraft details.

5. Click 'Save'.

Please Note: Selecting Icon and Icon colour will determine how this is displayed on the Flying Page.

Adding a Spider

1. Scrolling down the page, click on 'Add Another Spider'

Please see this article if you need to add a new aircraft on your account: Adding An Aircraft.

2.Enter the 10-character serial number from the underside of your Spider

3. Click 'Continue'

4. After entering your serial number, you will then be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions.

5. This completes the process.  Your Spider will be placed on the subscription plan indicated during purchase.  Our support team will reach out to you for a plan choice if we cannot see which subscription plan you have indicated.

If you would like more information on our plans, please view our Plan Page

Please allow up to 1 business days for new registrations to become active on the Iridium network.

Assigning a Spider to an Aircraft

1. To assign a Spider, select the 'Aircraft' you want in the drop down menu.

2. Then scroll down the page to where it says 'Add Another Spider' select the drop down menu and select the Spider you want to Assign.

3. Click 'Save'

You have now assigned a Spider and you can configure the reporting type that you require.

Please read How do I change my Spiders reporting rate and settings? for further information on adjusting your Spiders reporting settings.


To add members and give them visibility and flight following access please see these articles:

How To Add Aircraft

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If you have added an Aircraft to you account in error, please see this article on how to remove the aircraft: How To Delete An Aircraft

For further help or assistance, please email us at support@spidertracks.com