What are the different Spider reporting rates?

Reporting rates can be found under the Spider in Aircraft Settings.

Your Spider has a number of different ways it can report;


  • Automated Watch - Active Flight Following (1-2 minutes default reporting rate)
  • Time - Spider reports every 1-2 minutes
  • Time Virtual-FDR - Spider reports every 15-30 seconds (only available on Spider 6 - 8, registered on a Commercial Plan)
  • Distance - Spider reports at a set distance only
  • Time & Distance - The Spider will report at a time and a distance rate.

Additional Reporting Settings

Your Spider has additional settings that can be setup from the Aircraft Settings Page; please note that you will have to be an administrator of the account, in order to do this.

Enable Take Off / Landing Speed Threshold (or Speed Up / Slow down) 

This setting will trigger a speed up/slow down point on the map when the aircraft reaches or goes below the indicated transition speed.


Heading Change Point

Enabling this setting will send a position report whenever the aircraft bank at the setup rate.

Altitude Events

This setting will trigger a point when the aircraft climbs or descends too quick based on the amount specified.           

Blocks On/Off

For More information on specific reporting rates, please click on the below links:

Setting Up Automated Watch


Speed Up / Slow Down

Setting Up Notifications

For further help or assistance, please email us at support@spidertracks.com