Spider X- History Page Features

The history page is where you can review the tracking.

The History Page is your complete flight tracking history.   

1. Aircraft that the Spider is registered to.

2. Start Time and Date the flight took place.

3. Duration of the flight.

4. Shows the total Flight Distance.

5. SOS Status.

6. View Track.

Flight Filters

The following filters will allow an account owner or account administrator to view the tracking history of aircraft in the account.

The filters allow the following;

1.  Filter selection by aircraft, click the magnifying glass to display all the aircraft in your account.

2. Filter selection by date, by clicking in the date box.

3. Select to HIDE all 0-minute tracks.

4. Filters out all 0-minute flight points.

5. Filter SOS selection by Active or Closed. 

*Please Note: Clicking 'Reset' will remove the selection.

Selecting Flights

1. Put ticks in the boxes to select the flights.

2. Clicking 'View On Map' will allow you to view the selected flights on the map page.

3. Clicking the Download will enable you to download your tracks in either Google Earth or CSV format. 

4. Clicking the Trash Can icon will delete the selected flights

5. The 'Flights Selected' feature will let you know how many flights have been selected. 

6. The 'Total Flight Time' and 'Total Distance' shows the total hours and the total distance of the tracks selected.

*Please Note: It is only possible to select 50 tracks at a time.

If you have any further questions please contact support@spidertracks.com