GPS Fix, Is My Spider Connected to the Network?

You can check to see if the GPS is getting a fix (it should get a fix, if outside within about 45 seconds of being switched on) by powering the unit and waiting for the appropriate indicator (see table below).



In Figure 1, the Spider is still acquiring a GPS fix, you can tell this by the amber light on the on the GPS indicator icon.



In Figure 2, the Spider as acquired the GPS it needs to transmit and the green LED means the Spider has established connection with Iridium. This light should remain solid.

Please note, that GPS will get a fix relatively quickly when stationary, but if the aircraft is already moving, there is a reduced chance that the GPS will get a fix.

Standard procedure is to wait until the GPS has a fix before starting to fly. If you turn the Spider on as soon as you get into the aircraft, it will get a fix whilst preflight checks are carried out, and (if on Automated Watch) will not send out unnecessary points until you start to fly.

What if your Spider does not get the GPS or Iridium fix?

Testing the Spider outside the cockpit can help eliminate whether the Spider is being affected by something or in a poor position.

If your spider displays a Solid Blue Watch LED (see image below), please view Bootloader Mode, in Updating Your Firmware.


Did this resolve your issues?

  • Spider Serial number
  • Aircraft it is assigned to
  • Photo of installation
  • Type of aircraft

If not, please send an email to with the following information.