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Getting Started - A Video Guide

The following video tutorials and Website User Guide are a quick start guide for the spidertracks website. 

The instruction manual is a comprehensive guide which covers all aspects of the spidertracks service, from registering as a user on the spidertracks system, through to configuring your Spider settings and managing your fleet. Which you can use to setup and review the settings of your account. 

Creating An Account

Signing Up on app.spidertracks.io

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Creating An Organisation

How to create an organisation in your account. 

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How To Add Aircraft

How to add aircraft in your organisation.

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How To Add A Spider

How to add and assign a Spider in your organisation.

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How To Add Users

How to add Flight Followers to your organisation.

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How To Add Visibility

How to give tracking visibility to members and flight followers.

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For more handy articles in setting up your Spider, please see the following:

Installation Examples

Installing An External Antenna

Notification Messages

What are the different Spider reporting rates?

Please contact support@spidertracks.com if you require any further assistance and help setting up your account.