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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am new to Spidertracks. How do I create my account and register my Spiders?

The following video tutorials and Website User Guide are a quick start guide for the spidertracks website.

I Can't Log in, How Do I Reset My Password?

How Do I Change my Email address?

Where do I find the Spider User Manuals?

How Do I Add Flight Followers?

Why Can't My Flight Followers View My Tracks?

How do I assign my Spiders to the aircraft? How do I assign my Spiders to a different aircraft?

What is Watch And How Does It Work?

Why Am I Getting False SOS Alerts?

Can I change the email, phone number or other information on a different member account?

No. Each login is setup with the member's personal details. Only that member can login to their account to change personal information.

An Organisation administrator can only change settings of the Organisation and not of individual members

How Does Billing Work?

My Spider Is Not Working, What Can I Do?

How Can I set Up An API Or Send Data Through to a 3rd Party Flight Follower?

Please contact us at support@spidertracks.com if you need further support and help.