Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ)

Sharing your Spidertracks tracking and event data with FENZ

Follow the instructions below to have your Spider sharing tracking data with FENZ.

1. Select the 'Admin' cog in

2Select the organization you wish to manage visibility for

3. Click 'AFF API' on the left-hand menu.

4Select the aircraft that you would like to be sharing data to FENZ.

5. From the list of Public AFF Consumers, select "International: TracPlus Global Ltd (non NAFC)"

6. Select Save to save for the one aircraft and click Apply to All to make the change for all the fleet

Next Steps...

TracPlus acts as the data integrator for Spidertracks and FENZ. To finish setting up you'll need to send an email to requesting the integration and also provide the following information:

1. Your aircraft registration or tail number.

2.  Your Spider serial number and IMEI. You can find this information in this article: Where is my IMEI?

3. Billing address



For help contact: