Distance Measurement Tool

This tool allows you to measure the distance between one or more points on the flying page

The distance measurement tool can be useful for things such as understanding individual legs or the total length of a flight for quoting and billing purposes. 

1. From the Flying Page

2. Click on Measure Tool which is found at the bottom of the map controls menu on the right-hand side of the flying page.

3.  Place a start marker on the map by clicking the map

4. Then select the location you wish to measure the distance to and click the map.

5. The distance will be displayed on the line in your preferred distance unit set in your personal settings page e.g. kilometers, miles or nautical miles. 

6. You can add more markers to the map to draw lines with multiple sections.

As shown below each line section displays a distance value and the total distance of all sections is displayed at the end of the line.

7. You can also measure the total area of a selected location by connecting the first and last point of the lines on the map. The total distance and total area will then be displayed at the end of the 

To remove the lines from the map deselect the measure tool by clicking the icon on the bottom of the map controls menu.

Helpful tips for using the tool:

  • You can move any of the points in a line by  dragging and dropping it around the map
  • You can remove a point from a line by clicking on it

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Please contact support@spidertracks.com if you require any further assistance.