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Compliance and Installation Information

The Spider is considered a portable electronic device when carried on to the aircraft and used with the cigarette lighter plug as the power source in many jurisdictions. Due to this the Spider does not require an STC (Supplemental Type Certificates) to be installed.

If the power lead is hardwired to the aircraft power this would likely be considered a minor modification, however, we recommend you consult with your LAME for clarification on this. 

For information on testing and certifications we have, please see attached:

  • DO-160F Sections 15 and 21 (Magnetic Effect and Emission of Radio Frequency) 
  • DO-160G Sections 7 & 8 (Shock and Vibration)
  • DO-160G Section 17 (Voltage Spike)
  • DO-160G Section 26 (Flammability)
  • DO-160F Compliance (EMC testing) 
  • Installation information.


If you have any trouble or if you for any other questions, please contact support@spidertracks.com