Check that we are online

If you would like to check Spidertracks current service status please visits our System Status page. 

You can also look at the map below. If the position reports for our Heartbeat units are green we are online.

SMS Support Updates

You are able to receive SMS reports from our support Tweets. These messages will be sent when there are known issues with the service, and will allow you to be informed as soon as we know about them. We also update on any progress being made to fix any issues. To receive these messages please follow this procedure:

Text START to 40404 (from a US phone only) or to 8987 (from a NZ phone only)

If you're not in the US or New Zealand, you will need to find the appropriate number from this page. This service is not available in all countries or for all phone networks. 

Text FOLLOW stlsupport to 40404 (from a US phone only) or to 8987 (from a NZ phone only)

If you would like to stop the support messages please just send OFF @stlsupport to the appropriate number above. 

Twitter Support Updates

If you're interested in receiving tweets regarding any support announcements that spidertracks produce, you can follow us on Twitter @stlsupport. We will tweet any serious issues we have and keep you posted about what we are doing about them.

You are also able to set yourself up to receive these reports by SMS.

View the details of setting this up on the twitter website here.

You can also report issues with our website using @stlsupport and we'll receive these and get onto them straight away.

For hardware related issues, or issues of a personal nature, ensure that you email us at