Deactivating and Canceling Your Service

To deactivate a Spider or cancel the service, fill out electronic form below.

Deactivating or cancelling the service means that your Spider will no longer be active and all tracking services will cease.


We do offer a Pause Plan option for those that don't want to pay a monthly fee while the aircraft is not being used.

The cost of this plan is as follows:


  • $10.00 (USD) per month
  • Maximum suspension of four months in any 12 month period
  • The Spider can be reactivated at any time for free by emailing
  • Any existing contract period will also be paused and will resume once the Spider has been reactivated.

Please Note:


- If you want to pause your Spider please email us at with your Spider Serial Number(s).

- If your Spider is on a Hardware As A Service (HaaS) plan, these plans can not be added to a Paused Plan.

- If you have been using Spidertxt, please remember to deactivate this service from within your account: Deactivating Spidertxt.


To continue with the deactivation, the the account administrator or owner will need to fill out the below form:

Spidertracks Deactivation Form