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Billing Questions, Invoicing & Rebates

The following article explains our invoices and rebates and how these works.


Organisations subscribed to our Pooled Plans (Tango and Lima) will be billed for actual Spider usage based on the time that each spider is powered on for in a billing period.

Invoices for these plans include a Usage Details section that provides visibility over the total shared data pool consumption as well as showing a per Spider breakdown of usage.

What Happens If All All the Data Is Used Up?

If an organisation consumes its entire shared data pool within the 12-month plan term then any overages will also be displayed in the invoice and overage charges will be automatically added to the invoice (charged at the standard rate of USD $2.95 per hour).

The invoice will show the total usage hours for each Spider as well as the consumption of their commercial pooled plan to date. 

Credits / Rebates?

Spidertracks has a billing system that looks after the monthly charges, and the usage charges for customer's Spiders.

This billing system is not yet integrated with our crediting system for rebates. Unfortunately, this can mean that you may receive an invoice that says that 'an amount is due and will be charged to your credit card', however, this is not necessarily the case if your account is in credit.

If you have concerns that your credit has not been added to your account, please email accounts@spidertracks.com and we will send you a copy of your statement.

Billing Periods

Invoicing of newly registered Spiders is pro-rated based on the billing date of your account. This is the day that you registered your organisation account and on the same day of the month when you receive your monthly invoices.

If you have further questions about our billing, please email accounts@spidertracks.com with your company/individual name.