Alaska eSRS programme

Customers flying in Alaska with a Spider onboard can now have SOS messages automatically sent to the Alaska FSS through their eSRS programme.

The program allows Flight Service to directly receive an alert via the Spider from an aircraft in distress.

Flight Service does not actively track the flights — but once an alert is generated, it’s able to receive the flight information, the position of the aircraft, and any other information about what the aircraft was doing before it entered distress.

Customers flying in Alaska with a Spider can now have SOS messages automatically sent to the Alaska FSS through their eSRS programme.


  • There are no costs from spidertracks to enable this service
  • The Alaska FSS will be able to view your flights
  • They will receive tier two SOS messages
  • You can remove any aircraft from being visible to the FSS at any time

Please see here for more information about participating in the

eSRS programme.


To activate your the FAA Alaska Flight Services feed, please follow the instructions in this article:  How To Activate An AFF / API Feed

2. Select: United States - FAA Alaska Flight Services 



Q. Should I use the “Spiderwatch” function on my Spidertracks device?
We strongly recommend using Spiderwatch in conjunction with eSRS. If you do, and
something unexpected happens that causes your aircraft to come to a stop,
Spiderwatch will automatically send alert messages to your designated contacts,
including Flight Service.

A. If you do not use Spiderwatch, you must be conscious after an accident and there
must still be power to the device in order to start an immediate rescue. Additionally,
Flight Service would need to reach the contact

Q. How do I set up my Spidertracks device to participate in eSRS?
A. Answer: After including your Spidertracks device in your Master Flight Plan and
requesting enrollment in eSRS, you will receive instructions from Alaskan Flight
Service on how to set up your device to send messages directly to Flight Service.

Q.Can I activate or change my flight plan via Spidertracks messages?
A. No. Activating or changing a flight plan requires positive two-way
communications with Flight Service. Unanticipated route changes or significant
changes to your ETA should be relayed to Flight Service via two-way radio or
telephone. At this time FSS does not have the ability to respond to requests requiring
two-way communications via satellite

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