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Spidertracks Privacy and Terms


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  • Setting up your Spidertracks account
  • Supported Web Browsers and Operating Systems
  • User Guide and Videos for the Spidertracks website
  • Adding members to your organisation
  • How Do I Register My Spider?
  • How can I change my email address?

Spider Instruction Manuals


Spider Compliance and Installation Information


Spider Configuration and Settings


Updating Spiders Firmware

Tracking Modes

Spider and Website Features


  • Spidertxt User Guide
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Applications


  • How To Delete Tracks
  • Weather Overlays
  • Latest Product Updates
  • Exporting Tracks To Google Earth
  • Event Logging - GPIO configuration guide
  • Flying Page Update
  • Schedule User Guide
  • Public Page
  • KML Layers
  • Print or export tracks
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Request Location Now
  • Flying Page
  • Sectional Layer
  • Integrations
  • I need to set up Automated Flight Following (AFF / API)
  • Flightcell DZMx Integration
  • Alaska eSRS programme
  • Flight Services Surveillance-Enhanced Search & Rescue
  • AFF / API User Guide
  • FlightAware





  • Test procedure for Spiders
  • Why did my Spider generate a false SOS?
  • GPS Fix, Is My Spider Connected to the Network?
  • Warranty, Repair, Replacement, Upgrade, Return
  • Tracks, Gaps & Delays in Tracking, What Causes This? (GPS Issues)
  • GPS accuracy
  • Heated windscreens
  • The Watch light stays on
  • Power Issues


  • Why can't my organisation see all my flights?
  • Password or login issues
  • Check that we are online


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