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What is SmoothTrack?

SmoothTrack is Spidertracks’ dual-channel (Iridium-Cellular Data), high-frequency (10-second) position reporting enhancement to the real-time tracking system. It uses an iOS companion device, paired with a Spider 6, Spider 7, or Spider 8 to transfer data from the Spider through the iOS device and send that information over the Global Cross-Channel Communication (GC3) network back to the GO website. 

The GC3 utilises the processing power and cell/wifi connection of an iOS companion device. It allows for the transmission of richer and higher frequency of data, by sending this data from a Spider to an iOS device over bluetooth. This data is then sent to Spidertracks servers from the device. The device will store the data when out of signal and send it in bulk when it is next in signal. GC3 will future-proof aviation operators from having to constantly upgrade expensive and heavy legacy systems by replacing them with a lightweight Spider that leverages low-cost technology advancements in personal smart devices to deliver most of the same benefits.


Smoothtrack provides higher frequency (and therefore higher resolution) flight tracking. Because of the lower processing burden on the Spider and Iridium network, Smoothtrack has allowed us to lower the price of ATaaS 2.0 plans. You will need to be on an ATaaS 2.0 plan to use SmoothTrack. Email for more details. 

An additional benefit over other dual-channel systems is that SmoothTrack is able to record data as it happens and store that data until reception is available, as opposed to competitive products that can only send when they are in range and simply leave black spots in a track.

Beta Programme Availability

SmoothTracks is currently available to customers in New Zealand. If you wish to test SmoothTrack please contact or call 09 222 0016. 

Setup Steps

  1. SmoothTrack requires a Spider 6 or later. If you don't have a Spider 6 please contact about our upgrade pricing. 
  2. We will enable SmoothTrack Beta on your account and adjust your current billing plans
  3. You will need to download the latest iOS app from the Apple App Store.
  4. The firmware on your Spider will need to be updated to the latest firmware, follow the Updating Application Instructions for how to do this. 
  5. The Bluetooth firmware on your Spider also needs to be the latest. When you first connect to the Spider with your iOS device the application will prompt you to do this. 

Using SmoothTrack


Pilots or other crew must connect their iOS device with the Spider at least once prior. After one connection the Spider will auto-connect every other time after that. 

To ensure the Spider is connected we recommend opening the application prior to each flight. 

Ground Crew

On the website and mobile applications you will see the normal flights with position report resolution to every 10 seconds. You will be able to download the flights and see the position report data for every 10 second interval. 

If the aircraft is outside of cell and wifi range the position reports will only be sent by Iridium every two minutes. The iOS device will store the information until it reaches wifi or cell reception at which point it will send all stored data and any new real-time data. This will mean that in some cases you may see SmoothTrack in real-time and at other times you may see a delay in getting the higher resolution track. 


  • All Spiders must be subscribed to the same ATaaS plan, no mixed plans allowed.
  • Requires customers to hold a cellular data suscription in the iOS device (SIM required) for live tracking. If there is no cellular data subscription, the data will only be transferred when in Wifi coverage after the flight.
  • The Spidertracks app needs to be open and running at all times for the high frequency points (and queued points) to be transmitted.
  • Android capabilities are still in development. 


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