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On the 20th of March 2016 we are making some major changes to the backend infrastructure of the website to make it faster and more reliable. As part of this, the front end will also need to change, so we have started with the Flying and History pages at (same email and password as on the production website). Please watch this Youtube video or see details below on the changes.

We would appreciate feedback on issues or features you would like improved, please send an email to 

Please note, any settings changes made while the website is still in beta will not be saved or sent to the Spider and settings in this beta website may not match your current settings. 

We will update with more information prior to the migration on the 20th of March. 

Flying page

The Flying page changes are mainly in the main menu layout, now on the left hand side to give you more map realestate. 

The aircraft list sidebar and map menu is much the same with the same feature set. 


The old tracks page is now called History and again displays a list of historic flights. 

Filter Aircraft

You can filter all aircraft by alphabetical order or sort aircraft based on organisation (if you have aircraft in multiple organisations).

You can select an aircraft to filter the flight list by, or multiple aircraft. Click on the aircraft again to clear the selection. 


In the top menu of the the history page there are a number of features:

  • Select all button
  • View all selected flights on one map
  • Filter flights by time
  • Delete all selected flights
  • Download the selected flights into a CSV or KML (Google Earth) file
  • Hide 0 minute flights
  • The number of selected flights are shown, and the total flight time of those selected

You will also notice that the flight distance is also displayed. 


Currently the settings page are unchanged. We will be updating these in the near future. Any changes you make in the beta website to the settings will not have an effect on the Spider reporting or current production website at


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    Excellent The cummulative hrs report from history by A/C and date range is very helpful. Its something we have been asking for for a number of years. Pleased to see it now available.

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