Estimated Time of Arrival


From the Flying page you can get an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the aircraft.

Select an aircraft which is currently active, click the ETA button, and then right click on the map to get an estimated time of arrival of the aircraft. You also get a distance from the last point to the destination. If you need to move the ETA location at any time, simply click and hold on the ETA box and drag it around. To remove the ETA box, simply click on the ETA button in the points of interest again.

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    John Van Wormer

    It seems like the ETA feature has stopped working correctly since the website update. Our track intervals are set to every two minutes but with every track update the ETA only goes down one minute. But because it is calculating the ETA at about half of what it should actually be it still reaches zero at about the right time. However, a plane that is two hours out is shown as one hour out and a plane at one hour out is shown as a half hour out etc.

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