Alaska eSRS programme


Customers flying in Alaska with a Spider onboard can now have SOS messages automatically sent to the Alaska FSS through their eSRS programme

Some points to note:

  • There are no costs from spidertracks to enable this service
  • The Alaska FSS will be able to view your flights
  • They will receive tier two SOS messages
  • You can remove any aircraft from being visible to the FSS at any time

Please click the link above to see information about participating in the eSRS programme. 



eSRS set up page

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    Heather Wilson

    We are using the Alaska ESRS program for the Migratory Bird Management pilots/planes within U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska and it is working well. Fairbanks FSS is the hub for receiving Spidertracks input and relaying it to other FSS within Alaska. They have a dedicated computer (for email notifications and access to spidertracks webpage), cell phone (for text notifications), and associated workers that are trained to respond to any SOS messages, 24-7. Note: "Respond" = treating the SOS as an overdue aircraft and initiating the search and rescue process, starting calling contacts on flight plan and determining if the alert is real or false.

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