Rate of altitude change events

With the Spider 6 and Spider 7 you can send position reports when the Spider exceeds a rate of climb or rate of descent that you define. These rate of climb or rate of descent position reports can be sent to anyone that you would like as notification text or email messages. 
To set up rate of climb or rate of descent reporting on your Spider, follow the next steps:
1.- Click on the Organisation settings icon (left side of the flying page, buildings icon) then click on Manage on the center of the screen. 
2.-On the next screen, click on Aircraft settings and select the aircraft that has a Spider 6 or Spider 7 assigned to it. 
At the bottom of the aircraft settings page you will see rate of climb and rate of descent settings as per the image below.

Altitude events must be turned on for both rates or off for both rates, however, if you require one to be on but not the other, we recommend setting the rate high so that it is unlikely to be triggered. On clicking save the rate of climb or descent configuration message will be sent to the Spider. It may take a few minutes of the Spider being turned on and in clear view of the sky, for the message to be updated. 

If you would like to receive an Email or SMS when the Spider exceeds the rate of climb or descent, please click on the Notifications menu.



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