Installation Examples


Please see below examples of good and bad installations. Please note, the Spider is not able to send or receive data through metal, carbon composites, or electrically heated windshields. The Spider is able to send data through glass, fibre glass, or plastic. If you can not mount the Spider in a location where it can see the sky, we recommend you use the Spider 7 with external antenna capability. 


Please ensure that the Spider has no obstructions and nothing is placed on top of it.


Spider must point to the sky

Spiders have two antenna, one GPS and one Iridium. The GPS antenna is able to receive GPS information at any angle, as long as it is not obstructed by metal (such as the bracket). The Iridium antenna, however, only receives and transmits data at an angle of approximately 170 degrees up from the top of the Spider.  

 In these examples the Spider is pointing into the aircraft and will not transmit to the satellite. We do not recommend using a RAM Mount with your Spider 3 or Spider 6 and would suggest using a Spider 7 with external antenna capability. 

Spider view must not be obstructed

Another issue is obstruction by objects inside the aircraft. The centre pillars or having equipment placed on top of the Spider will cause it to perform less the optimally.


Even here the Spider does not have a good view and will not transmit optimally.

The ideal location for mounting the Spider is on the dash without being obstructed.

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