Updating firmware on your Spider Keypad


The Spider Keypad firmware has been updated as at 9th February, 2016. New features include:

  • Added ability to dim down LEDs to turn completely off when holding down Mark button.
  • Added ability to dim Spider 7 LEDs when holding down Watch button. 

Before you can update the firmware on your keypad, you will need to get a USB lead to connect the keypad to your computer. Please contact support@spidertracks.com for this. Each lead costs $40 + postage. 

To update the firmware on your Spider Keypad it is important to install the latest version of the Spider Updating Application

Once installed, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the keypad to the adaptor cable as described above
  2. Start the Spider Updating Application
  3. Hold down the Watch button on the Keypad and plug the Keypad into a USB plug on your computer. The Power LED should not be turned on
  4. Click on programming - Update Spider 4 Keypad
  5. The Keypad will update
  6. After the update the power LED will turn back on 
  7. Unplug the Keypad and it should now be updated 

If you have any issues please call or email us, support@spidertracks.com.

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