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The planning feature of the spidertracks system is aimed at being a basic planning and SOS management tool. With this tool you will be able to create standard flight 'types' and from these types add new flights to your flight planning. 

You can add flights to the flight calendar, which pilots can start and stop through their iPhone or iPad. Each flight can have a SAR Holder which is a member of the organisation. This person will be notified of any changes to the flight or if the flight goes over SAR. The pilot can also extend the SAR Time in flight if need be, through the iPhone application.  

Currently this is in the early stages of design and we are requesting any feedback. 

Website Mockup

Please go to the mockup page

Important points to note:

  • This is purely a mock up of images that you can click through. You will not be able to click on every button. If you can't you will see green boxes show. You can click on any of these green boxes. 
  • There are comments on some of the pages explaining what they would do. Please read the comments on the page first before navigating away from it.  

iPhone Mockup

Please go to on your iPhone and follow these steps:

  1. Click the button the app points to.
  2. Add the website to your home screen.
  3. Go to the 'app' and open it.
  4. Just like the website it has certain things that you can and can not click.

Important points to note:

  • This is a mock up and there will be further features / design enhancements in final versions.

If you get confused about any of the designs please email us and we will step you through what the pages mean, or the idea around them. 

If you have any suggestions for improvements please leave comments in the box below or email 





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