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Welcome to the Flying Page!

This is the page where you will see real-time tracking, This page includes a few extra features, take a look below to start using these now.  


We have tried to make the Flying page a real-time, uncluttered, advanced page for viewing your aircraft's current location and flight. 



  • ETA for aircraft Flying. Now you can select an aircraft which is currently active, click the ETA button, and right click on the map to get an estimated time of arrival of the aircraft. You also get a distance from the last point to the destination. If you need to move the ETA location at any time, simply click and hold on the ETA box and drag it around. To remove the ETA box, simply click on the ETA button in the points of interest again. 


  • Full Screen Map. On the Map Menu Bar you will see a new icon on the far right. This increases the map to full screen. Simply press escape or click the full screen icon again to go back to the standard map view. Please note, Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox will be required. 



  • Active aircraft vs AOG. We have added another icon, the plane, to the Map Menu Bar which shows and hides the non-active aircraft, clearing the screen of aircraft that are not currently flying. If aircraft have not sent a position report in the last 15 minutes they will not show as being active. 


  • Sort aircraft. You can sort aircraft in the sidebar by alphabetical and latest flight. This allows you to easily select or see who is flying now. The sidebar, by default, will place any aircraft currently on SOS at the top of the list. 



  • Time of flight. Each aircraft in the list within the sidebar shows the flight time total.


  • Points of interest. Any points of interest, such as Mark Button press notifications, Watch on or Watch off are now shown on the Flying page sidebar.





The Sidebar includes 7 shortcuts to different pages of the website.

  • Flying. The Flying icon refreshes the flying page.
  • History. From here you can review historical flights.
  • SOS. From the SOS page you can see the status of your SOS alerts.
  • Spidertxt. From the Spidertxt page you can text members of your account.
  • Schedule. From the Schedule page you can manage flights and crew assignments.



  • Organisation Settings. This will take you to the account management page. Please note you need to be an administrator in order to manage the account.
  • Personal Settings. From here you will be able to:
    • Manage your personal profile.
    • Visit our Support Page where you can find answers to any questions you might have.
    • Log Out.
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