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If you can not find the answer to your question in our support website, please call one of the following numbers during the hours of 1700 - 0930 UTC Sunday through Thursday and 1700 - 0130 UTC Friday to speak to one of our staff, or email For emergencies, please call at any time and ask to be put through for an emergency call.

  • USA 1-800 491-2895 or +1 720 287 0054
  • Australia 1-800 461 776
  • New Zealand 0800 461 776 or +64 9 222 0016
  • Mexico +52 55 4169 3149
  • World +64 9 222 0016


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  • Avatar
    Barbara Geoghegan

    You used to have a wonderful easy site to find,phone # address, it even had a little map and time of day where you are, whatever happened to it all i am trying to do is buy one and still fooling around any help would be apprecisted

  • Avatar
    Wayne Musser

    Dear Sirs or Madam,

    I register Spider G6X9SS8UF6 to replace Spider 9JF9BH6L27 assigned to N143WA due to intermittent operation – I reloaded Spider Firmware with hope it might fix the problem, but the next flight it quit again, that’s when I decided to replace it. N143WA then flew another day while I was waiting for the new Spider to be activated - since that time it hasn’t stopped working. Would you please suspend Spider G6X9SSUF6.


    Wayne Musser
    Director of Maintenance
    Wright Air Service, Inc.
    Fairbanks, Alaska.99709

  • Avatar
    Laurie Hege

    I have one aircraft working on the salt ice doing polar bear capture. N1074F.
    I can not access the maps and tracks on my office computers.
    James Hamilton
    Director of Operations
    Arctic Air Alaska Inc
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
    907 452 1115

  • Avatar
    Blair Huston

    Flights aren't deleting from my history list.

    Blair ZK-SLL

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