Flightcell DZMx Integration


Data from the Flightcell DZMx can be viewed on the spidertracks website alongside the tracking data from your existing Spiders. You can either have your data sent to Spidertracks from an existing Iridium Value Added Reseller if you already have a contract in place for the data, or you can have the data sent direct to Spidertracks from the unit. Please take note of some limitations and pricing:


Feature Limitations
Breadcrumb enhanced tracking Not available in initial release
Geofence Is not available
GPRS/GSM Inbound Tracking Is not available
Mark button There is only Mark 1 Notification available
Mark button one custom message Can be customised
Outbound configuration messages Is not available
Radius Not implemented in initial release
Remote settings changes Not available through spidertracks website
SMS Not available through spidertracks, can activate with different supplier
SMS Inbound Is not available
SOS Distress Cancel This does not close the SOS
Tracking when using voice No tracking points will be sent when the phone is in use.
Voice Not available through spidertracks, can activate with different supplier
Watch Mode Is not available in this initial release



If you want to have a different tracking provider register the unit with Iridium, the DZMx will be placed on the Flightcell DZMx Light Plan, otherwise it will be placed on the DZMx Standard Plan. Pricing does not include any applicable taxes.


DZMx Standard Plan

DZMx Light Plan

Monthly Fee USD 25.00 USD 12.00
SOS SMS USD 0.50 USD 0.50
Notification SMS USD 0.20 USD 0.20
Each Position Report USD 0.12 USD 0.06
Activation Fee USD 100.00 USD 100.00
Spidertxt Messaegs N/A N/A



 To setup a Flightcell DZMx unit, please email support@spidertracks.com with these details:

  • Your company name
  • Your contact phone number
  • The aircraft registration
  • The IMEI of the DZMx
    • Found by going to Menu > Diagnostics Menu > Sat Device Details
  • The Serial number of the DZMx
    • Found by going to Menu > Diagnostics Menu > Firmware Version
  • And if you would like to register it direct with spidertracks, or have the data come from another supplier.
    • If from another supplier, please send through their information.

Once we have this information we will be able to start the process of getting you setup. 

Please note that you must do the following in order to activate the DZMx with Spidertracks:

1.- DZMxunits must have the latest firmware in order to work with the Spidertracks website. See Flightcell's support website for more information.

The latest firmware as of January 2018 is V2.17.0

2.- Enable the 'Aircraft Power Up' message within the DZMx unit. To do this, you will need to enable the installation menus first by going to Menu > Hardware Config > Installer Menu Enable and entering the pin which is 2468.

The Aircraft power up message activation is provided in Menu > Tracking > Triggered Events.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Flightcell support at tech@flightcell.com




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