Why can't my organisation see all my flights?


Track Visibility

When an invited member signs up, they will have the power to see all tracks made by your aircraft from that date onwards.  Any previous tracks, (unless enabled on the Public Page), this also includes any tracks the aircraft might be making at the time will not be visable. 

For Example;

Dave signs up on the 24th January, he will not see any previous tracks to this and he will not immediately see the current track if the aircraft is flying.  Dave will only be able to see all new tracks made by the aircraft from the start of new tracks.




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    Markus Möllmann

    Hi Helen,

    I've added a new user to my organisation so she can see her previously flown track.

    Although enabled in Public Page, this new user cannot see her old track (of course she can see it on the Public Page itself, however there I'm keeping Full Point Info secret, hence her desire to have an account).

    How do I give her full access to all past tracks?



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    Helen Vink

    Hi Markus,

    Have a look at this article as well;


    To allow the new user to see past tracks you will need to go in to the tracks and click the padlock icon, changing it to a globe.  This will enable the tracks to be viewed.

    Make sense?




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