Password or login issues


Can't Log In?

If you have forgotten your password or you are having trouble accessing your account, try "requesting your password" from the login page.


Underneath the "Log in to Spidertracks" password box there is a link you can click that asks "Forgotten your Password?".  Clicking this link with bring up another box where you will be asked to supply your email address (please use the email you signed up the original account with). This will send you a link and instructions to update your password.


 If you know your password but would like to change it, follow these steps;

  1. Log in to the Spidertracks website with your current email and password
  2. On the Flying Page, click on the Profile icon (bottom-left side) and click on Personal Settings (1).
  3. Under Password, click on Edit (2) and enter the new Password, then click Save. 

You have now successfully updated your password.




Q. I have updated my password and I can now not log in!  What did I do wrong?

A.There are several things to try:

- firstly make sure you do not have any old passwords for the site stored in your browser.  

- Make sure you are logging in with the correct email address you sign up the account with.

- Make sure you have created a full account with us at


Q. I keep requesting a password change and I receive no email, why didn't it work?

A. It could be that the email we are sending you is being redirected to your Junk mail folder.


Q. I am trying to log in to the Spidertxt app, but it wont let me log in. 

A. Make sure you have created a full account with us at


Q. The log in fields on the website are flashing and don’t allow me to enter username or password. Any ideas?

A.This is because your browser is remembering an old password for the site. If you can remove the current saved password and then reenter it, that should fix it up.  

If you are still having issues, please contact us at


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